Coming March 3, 2020


Melanie Sumrow

Author of Novels for Young Readers

Praise for The Inside Battle


“Powerful in its impact while remaining true to its middle-grade audience, Sumrow's latest is unafraid to fully explore how hate, misplaced anger, and racism can affect the relationship between a boy and his father."



“Ms. Sumrow is able to take meatier, darker story lines and treat them with dignity. She never loses sight of who her audience is, giving us stories that won't talk down to young readers, and embraces the readers for the intelligent, compassionate, resilient beings they are." 

~Kathleen March, Anderson's Bookshop (Downers Grove, IL)


“This book should be taught in schools, read in library book clubs, and given for every sort of gift-giving holiday. Despite the cliche, I truly believe that The Inside Battle will keep you on the edge of your seat, leave you wanting more, and change your life."

~Laura R. Speake, Gibson's Bookstore (Concord, NH)


“This is a fascinating story that will spark many discussions and thoughtful consideration of current events and attitudes."

~Lisa Plummer, Interabang Books (Dallas, TX)


“I adore Sumrow's writing and by exploring taboo subjects, she helps broaden the scope of conversations we should include young people within."

~Melissa Phillips, Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Lexington, KY)